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Apple Picking Opens

Orchards in McHenry County are ripe for the U-picking.

🍎 All Seasons Orchard, Woodstock: Pre-picked or U-pick from a dozen varieties of apples on 10,000 trees. Restaurant serves apple cider donuts, fresh cider, caramel apples and more, September and October.

🍎Cody’s Farm & Apple Orchard, Marengo: Gala, Blondee, plus pre-picked Honeycrisp and apple cider doughnuts, September through early October.

🍎Homestead Orchard, Woodstock: U-pick from 23 varieties of apples, pie cherries and pears; plus Amish jams, jellies and salsas, late July through late October.

🍎Lang’s Orchard (closed for 2019 season) Woodstock: U-pick from 12 varieties of apples plus fruit spreads, salsa, caramel, honey and soup mixes, mid-September through October.

🍎Meadowmoor Orchard (closed for 2019 season) Woodstock: No-frills, no-admission fun family orchard with tasty apples and a few early pumpkins and gourds, opens mid-September.

🍎Prairie Sky Orchard, Union: U-pick from 15 varieties of apples on more than 2,000 trees, specializing in Honey Crisp and Asian pears, September through October.

🍎Royal Oak Farm Orchard, Harvard: Pre-picked or U-pick from 30 apple varieties on 17,000 trees spanning 50 acres; Amaze N Apples is America’s only apple maze; plus restaurant, bakery and gift shop, late August through late November.

🍎 Stade’s Apple Orchard, McHenry: U-pick apples, peppers, green beans, and sunflowers, spanning 2,200 acres; Mid June-Early July: Strawberries/July – Sept: Raspberries/July-August: Sugar Snap Peas, Green Beans, Peppers/August: Tomatoes and Raspberries

🍎Woodstock Country Orchard (closed for 2019 season) Woodstock: U-pick from 13 varieties of applies, September through October.

Other Picks

Heider’s Berry Farm, Woodstock: Pre-pick and U-pick strawberries, June and September till frost; and red raspberries, July and September till frost.


All Seasons Orchard
All Seasons Apple Orchard, Illinois 176, Woodstock, IL, United States
Grace Farm Studios
Grace Farm Studios, Franklinville Road, Woodstock, IL, United States
Heider's Berry Farm
Heider's Berry Farm, North Queen Anne Road, Woodstock, IL, United States
Homestead Orchard
Homestead Orchard, Charles Road, Woodstock, IL, United States
Lang's Orchard
17411 Secor Road, Woodstock, IL, United States
Meadowmoor Orchard
Meadowmoor Orchard, Illinois 47, Woodstock, IL, United States
More Than Delicious Orchard
More Than Delicious Orchard, Thompson Road, Woodstock, IL, United States
Prairie Sky Orchard
Prairie Sky Orchard, North Union Road, Union, IL, United States
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
Royal Oak Farm Orchard, Hebron Road, Harvard, IL, United States
Woodstock Country Orchard
Woodstock Country Orchard, Garden Valley Road, Woodstock, IL, United States
Cody's Farm, River Road, Marengo, IL, United States
1517 North 47, Woodstock, il

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