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Best Bakeries

Top 5 bakeries, ranked.

1. Konrad’s Bakery, Lake in the Hills

  • Why it’s the best: “We pride ourselves on making goods that taste as good as they look, using traditional Polish recipes and making everything from scratch daily.”
  • Customer favorites: Chocolatina, kremowka, kolaczki, butter cookies, coffee cakes and strudels.


2. The Sugar Circle, Woodstock

  • Why it’s one of the best: We bake fun innovative sweets the old fashioned way, from scratch and with lots of love! We make sure their sweets taste as good as they look!”
  • Customer favorite: Freshly baked cinnamon rolls on Sundays.


3. Swiss Maid Bakery, Woodstock & Harvard (both locations closed)

  • Why it’s one of the best: “We specialize in making our customers’ cake visions come true anywhere from birthday cakes to wedding cakes.”
  • Customer favorite: Decorated sugar cookies, specialty brownies, doughnuts and danishes, plus more than 20-specialty breads.


4. Ana’s Cakes & Bakery, Crystal Lake

  • Why it’s one of the best: “At our bakery you can find baked goods from cream cheese danish, cookies, cupcakes to our specialty, special-occasion cakes, rum filled cakes and wedding cakes.”
  • Customer favorite: Tres leches (three milks) cakes filled with the customer’s choice of Oreo cookie, pineapple, peach, strawberry, shredded coconut, walnuts and more.


5. Riverside Bake Shop, McHenry

  • Why it’s one of the best: “We haven’t changed recipe since they have opened since 1972 and we offer a full line of bakery items.”
  • Customer favorite: Chocolate doughnuts.


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Konrad's Bakery
KONRAD'S BAKERY, Ackman Road, Lake in the Hills, IL, United States
The Sugar Circle
The Sugar Circle, Main Street, Woodstock, IL, United States
Swiss Maid Bakery
Swiss Maid Bakery, North Benton Street, Woodstock, IL, United States
Ana's Cakes & Bakery
Ana's Cakes & Bakery, Berkshire Drive, Crystal Lake, IL, United States
Riverside Bake Shop
Riverside Bake Shop, Riverside Drive, McHenry, IL, United States

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