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Holocaust Remembrance Day Interfaith Service

Faithbride is offering a Community Interfaith Service of Remembrance, Unity and Hope on April 23rd, Holocaust Remembrance Day.  The service will take place in the auditorium at McHenry County College, located in the Conference Center, Building B at 7:00 PM
The program will be led by Faithbridge leaders, representing a variety of faith traditions. The program will seek harmony in our diversity by remembering and honoring six specific populations plus a seventh for all others.  We will enjoy the harmony and rhythm of music and spoken words as we mourn genocide, uphold our diversity and share fellowship with each other.  All are welcome.

FaithBridge, a consortium of local faith communities, promotes cooperation and understanding among diverse religious groups in the NW collar counties.  Faithbridge seeks to promote mutual understanding and respectful relationships among diverse religious communities; to develop interfaith communication, understanding, cooperation, spiritual practice and action; to foster a network of community religious leaders; to create opportunities for inter-religious learning, fellowship and dialogue; and to nurture a culture of justice, peace, and healing among all religious communities.


Sunday, April 23 from 7 pm to 9 pm


McHenry County College, Crystal Lake, IL, United States

Holocaust Remembrance Day Interfaith Service
McHenry County College, Crystal Lake, IL, United States


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