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High-Impact Lighting Tips

© Christmas Decor by Arvidson

There are so many outdoor holiday lighting options that it’s hard for some homeowners to know where to begin. Creating a holiday lighting plan that is focused and designed for maximum impact with minimum stress is key, according to Dennis Marunde of Crystal Lake-based Christmas Decor by Arvidson & Sons. He offers the following tips:

1. Less is more: Don’t crowd your lawn with too many colors and themes. Whether your preference is colored lights, white lights, or a combination of both, avoid the “Clark Griswold approach” and don’t try to blanket your property and landscaping with countless strings of bulbs. With holiday lighting, as with year-round outdoor lighting and landscaping, a simple, classic approach is more attractive, safer and more cost-effective, too.

2. Focus on a central feature: Take a good look at your home and yard and identify the features that really stand out. These might include a huge evergreen that would look amazing covered in lights or a front entrance just waiting to be draped with twinkling garland and flanked by festive greenery. Circle driveways, porches and patios can all pop, as well, with a hint of colored lighting on structures and greenery.

3. Spread the wealth: After you have identified the decorating focal point for your holiday lighting design, look for ways to enhance other areas of your yard and home. Simply stringing lights along pathways, landscape plants, windows and rooflines can result in an overall lighting design that looks warm and welcoming.

4. Hire a pro: From homeowners with a vision to those who don’t know where to begin, a reputable holiday lighting pro will offer affordable, full-service decorating solutions.

Christmas Decor by Arvidson & Sons is a franchise member of the Christmas Decor Network, the premier holiday lighting and decorating company in North America. For more, call 815.459-0660 or email


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