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Who is Lil Hank?

Lil Hank hanging with Mini Abe, No. 1 idol, at Johnny Appleseed Festival in Crystal Lake.

Meet Lil Hank!

He’s a fowl-mouthed vlogger on a mission.

Lil Hank is McHenry County’s small-but-mighty spirit animal who struts around the area in search of something to crow about.  He will always know when it’s worth crossing the road … and what to do on the other side.

So follow Lil Hank to find ideas for your next adventure on this page, like him on Facebook and watch his YouTube videos.

Why a rooster? Lil Hank was inspired by McHenry County Living’s weathervane logo. Hank is the diminutive of Henry – Henry as in McHenry (clever, right?). Oh, and don’t let his small stature fool you. We have trouble getting his ego through most doors.


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