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82 Birds Takes Flight

Benjamin and Bibi Dowell make up the web design and development team of 82 Birds.

82 Birds celebrates business milestone with renewed vision.

Flanked by towering blue spruces and white oaks, Benjamin and Bibi Dowell’s Crystal Lake home is where they design and develop websites, including McHenry County Living. Their company, 82 Birds, has worked with a variety of clients from faith-based groups to interior designers, from a foodie blogger to a startup juice company, from a children’s book author to a world-traveling journalist.

To celebrate their 8th anniversary, they are relaunching their website,, and honing in on their passion for projects that advance humanity in a positive way.

(If you’re wondering about the unique name, it’s short and sweet: Benjamin and Bibi were born in 1982 and both really love birds!)

McHenry County Living partnered with 82 birds to completely overhaul its magazine website.

Renewed Vision

The newly designed website reflects their growth and updated offers – like free web hosting for nonprofits – and services that include social media branding, copywriting/editing and security prevention against website hacks. Now they’re looking for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits who have a positive or helpful mission to share with the world. If you’re ready to bring your passion to fruition, 82 Birds is the perfect partner.

Clients can attest to 82 Birds’ personable, reliable and super helpful approach to projects from idea generation to how to improve your web presence, branding and print promotional plan.

82 Birds is called “a jewel in their industry” for good reason: they have the know-how on everything from the best tools to streamline donations and funding on your site, to using perfectly balanced designs to communicate your values and goals, along with better back-end technology to prevent problems down the line (like site crashes that can bring a business to a grinding halt). By focusing on building partnerships and community, long-term quality, loyalty and dependability have become part of their reputation.

Bibi: Art Meets Action

Bibi, the company’s designer, grew up in Queens, N.Y. She believes that graphic design has the power to create important social and political changes. Early on, she was impacted by two worlds: cutting-edge art, design and music; and (being in the largest metropolis of the United States) millions of people who often lacked the necessary resources to thrive. Seeds of empathy to help others, and a deep love of art, were planted from the very beginning. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, and after successfully getting her feet wet designing for well-known companies in the corporate world, she met Benjamin.

Benjamin: Technology with Heart

Benjamin, the developer, is from Illinois. His early days included helping out on the family farm and tending to the many Dowell animals before turning to punk rock and playing sports and videogames as a teenager. After working through a graphic design and environmental science background, he started his own development company when he met Bibi. He moved to Queens and then Long Island, N.Y., as the couple decided to give 82 Birds a full-time go in 2008. After growing their expertise on the East Coast, they moved to Crystal Lake where 82 Birds is now perched for good.

Benjamin feels really happy when he can give people a customized WordPress installation because, he said, “it gives them an extremely powerful tool to run their company.” Without getting too technical, Benjamin can explain – like a caring human, rather than many developers who can sometimes come off a bit robotic – how his up-to-date research and experience in the tech and developer worlds allow him to ward off hackers, build a site with “clean code” to prevent it from going down, and generally comb through your entire system’s backend to look for ways to improve efficiency and enhance the digital experience that customers or fans have with your website.

A Note About “Free”

With free websites and Facebook readily available, why bother with hiring a trusted designer-developer? Benjamin explains: “Throwing together a free website is like putting a small hook in the soil to haphazardly till the earth, while working with 82 Birds is like having a powerful rototill grind away at the earth for you instead.

“It’s a no-brainer if you want to have a professional online presence: having trusted experts handle the design and development work and keeping it maintained while trends change is necessary for anyone who is serious about their work and reputation.”

Let’s “Do Good” Together

After eight years and myriad clients, 82 Birds now focuses its efforts on projects that advance humanity in a positive way – whether through community building, housing, education or artistic expression.

“We look forward to working with clients who share the same values of wanting to do good in the world,” Bibi said. “‘Clients’ have become friends. ‘Work’ has become passion. And now, we want to continue on our sustainable path of helping people get their message of doing good in the world, out to the world.”

“Peck out” their new website at or give them a call at 815.315.0416 to get in touch. They’d be delighted to be a part of your flock!

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