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An Interior Designer’s Edge

Interior designers look at a client’s whole house to ensure balance and cohesiveness throughout the entire space.

Five reasons you should hire an interior designer.

Interior designers do much more than pick paint color, window treatments and pretty pillows. The following are five huge benefits of hiring one for your next project:

1. They’ll save you from making costly mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes people make is purchasing furniture that is out of scale. A sofa you love looks appropriate in a large furniture showroom, but bring it home, and somehow, it has grown. With precise measurements, interior designers create two- and three-dimensional space plans and perspective drawings to give you an accurate placement and scale of all furniture so you know before you buy.

2. They keep you on budget. Once a plan is nailed down, interior designers use project management software to generate a budget of all costs involved in a project. Many people are surprised by the variation between high-end and mid-range products. By having all the cost on a spreadsheet, it is easy to make design decisions within the budget.

3. They find your style. Most people know what they like and dislike, but are overwhelmed with the thought of putting it all together. An interior designer will define your style by looking at items in your home that you love, the architecture of your home and pictures you’ve saved from magazines, Pinterest or Houzz. Interior designers can also bring two distinct styles together in a cohesive way if you’re collaborating with a spouse, for example.

4. They get things done. Spare time is a rare commodity for most people these days and they don’t have the time it takes to coordinate a home remodel project. Even hanging artwork can be a daunting task. That’s where an interior designer comes into play. They do the research and present the best options for your budget. They coordinate any tradesman that maybe needed for the project. They handle the ordering, delivery and installation. And designers are flexible so they work well with both hands-off clients and others who want to work side-by-side during the span of the project.

5. They have an arsenal of experts. Interior designers are often part of a design/build staff that includes skilled tradesman or can recommend ones they work well with. Design/build companies can respond to most construction issues immediately, saving time and money.

dianeDebbie Collins, of Cary, is the owner of Interiors With A View. Her passion for designer is reflected in the beautiful surroundings she creates. Reach her at 847.462.2180, and via Facebook.





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