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School Survival Tips

It’s going to be the best school year ever!

Experts share 5 habits for a successful school year.

  1. Plan Downtime: “With our busy schedules, it is important that your child has some down time to recharge. A quiet spot to look at books, do puzzles or just cuddle with Mom and Dad for at least 20 minutes will do the trick!” –Gina Grelecki, Early Learning Program director, Sage YMCA
  2. Communicate: “Going to school is always exciting for most, but for some, it may be a little scary. Be sure to have open communication with your children so they feel safe and secure knowing that you are there for them, you are proud of them and encourage them to try their best.” –Joni Downey, president/founder, Characters of Character
  3. Listen: “Listen to what your child’s thoughts are on this coming school year. Are they happy? Are they scared? Is there a bully? What expectations are there when it comes to grades or performance? And what do they perceive your expectations to be? Listening takes a few minutes and what you hear in the few days before and during the beginning of the year may change the outcome of the entire school year.” –Alicia Birong, founder/owner, ChatterGirls and Guided Choices
  4. Seek Quality Activities: “In striving to maintain a healthy and happy life balance, recognize the importance of quality after-school activities and choose programs that offer opportunities for positive interactions with adults and peers that encourage and support the development of sense of self, build confidence and ultimately, independence. –Meghan Bowe, marketing manager, Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois
  5. Eat Right: Healthy eating is key to balancing and keeping up with the busy family schedule, and parents are the greatest role models for their kids. Prepare and portion lunches and snacks in the beginning of the week, and for breakfast on the go, try nutritious and delicious meals like parfaits and smoothies.” –Nina Vanderwiel, founder/director, Fruits & Veggies To The Rescue!

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