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Best Burgers

Top 5 burger joints, ranked.

1. Tracks, Cary

  • Why it’s the best: “For more than 35 years, Tracks has been known for using fresh ingredients (never frozen meat), great presentation, and ultimately, for their excellent, crafty and tasty burgers.”
  • Eat this: Kaboom Burger with Tracks kaboom sauce is the most popular signature sauces. Also try the South of the Border Burger and Caprese Burger.


2. D.C. Cobb’s, Woodstock

  • Why it’s one of the best: “We have a burger-oriented concept, and strive to have the best burgers possible. Our combinations are unique and we have 20-plus to choose from. We even make our veggie burger from scratch.
  • Eat this: The Hart Attack; The Dick Tracy, served with grilled cheese sandwiches as buns; and The Challenger, one-and-a-half pounds of beef.


3. Epic Deli, McHenry

  • Why it’s one of the best: “Not many places do a traditional cheeseburger anymore. We do everything incredibly over the top, but the traditional cheeseburger was something I didn’t want to mess with so we literally only have one burger on the menu. We do crazy burgers sometimes, but they are just on the weekly specials menu.”
  • Eat this: The Epic Cheeseburger: Two quarter-pound Certified Angus Beef patties topped with American cheese, special sauce (dijon, mayo and ketchup), tiny pieces of chopped red onion and pickles. Served on a toasted brioche bun with a handful of tater tots on the side. (No additions.)


4. Parkside Pub, Huntley

  • Why it’s one of the best: “We use fresh ingredients and start with a half pound of  black angus beef. Each burger is cooked to the customers’ preferred temperature and served on a Turano’s sandwich roll. We don’t play gimmicks as all our burgers are served with fresh lettuce, beefsteak tomato and a slice of white onion. Your choice of side includes fries, chips or tater tots.”
  • Eat this: Customers’ go-to is usually the Texas Burger with bacon, barbecue sauce and onions straws; the Parkside Burger, a one-pound patty with all the fixings; and the Mac Daddy with two quarter-pound patties stacked with two slices of American cheese, lettuce, onion and Thousand Island dressing.


5. Niko’s Red Mill Tavern, Woodstock

  • Why it’s one of the best: “We use always fresh, never frozen USDA-Certified Angus Beef that we mix with our own unique blend of spices before hand packing a whopping 10-ounce patty and pairing it with fresh and crisp vegetables and a lightly toasted bun.”
  • Eat this: Try the Steak and Egg Burger topped with cheddar, bacon and a fried egg; or the Mac Attack with creamy mac and cheese, bacon and sliced cheddar.


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Tracks Bar & Grill, West Main Street, Cary, IL, United States
DC Cobb's
D.C. Cobb's, Main Street, Woodstock, IL, United States
Epic Deli
Epic Deli, Schaid Court, McHenry, IL, United States
Parkside Pub
Parkside Pub, Main Street, Huntley, IL, United States
Niko's Red Mill Tavern
Niko's Red Mill Tavern, Lake Avenue, Woodstock, IL, United States

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