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Best Local Schools

Woodstock High School ranked No. 1 among McHenry County high schools. Photo: Joe Nanez

Best McHenry County schools ranked.

How about some good local news to kick off the new school year? Chicago magazine’s September 2016 cover story, Best Public Schools in Chicago, was just released, including the best suburban schools.

Top McHenry County schools: Edgebrook Elementary School (McHenry) and Woodstock High School lead their respective category.

Edgebrook is followed by Indian Prairie (Crystal Lake, No. 2) and Locust Elementary (Marengo, No. 3) for top local elementary schools.

Woodstock High is followed by Cary-Grove (Cary, No. 2) and Prairie Ridge (Crystal Lake, No. 3) for top local high schools. View the list of top McHenry County schools with additional details like spending per pupil, PARCC attainment, 5Essentials and more.

How schools were assessed: The magazine teamed up with RTI International, a leading global research institute, to create the criteria for its best of lists based on test scores, attendance, spending per student, high school graduation rates and other data taken from the Illinois Board of Education.


Woodstock High School
Woodstock High School, West South Street, Woodstock, IL, United States
Edgebrook Elementary School
Edgebrook Elementary School, North Green Street, McHenry, IL, United States

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