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Big Ideas for the County

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The McHenry County Regional Planning Commission charged with reviewing the county’s comprehensive plan recommended four “big ideas” to guide land use and development in the county through the year 2030 and beyond, according to the county’s October e-blast.

The ideas include the following:

  1. Let’s make our communities active, healthy and green.
  2. Let’s build on our strengths.
  3. Let’s grow smarter.
  4. Let’s expand our economy.


“The big ideas are presented in a manner to remind us that we all have a vested interest in the county’s future and we each have a role to play in making it happen,” said Chairman Joseph Gottemoller.

The Regional Planning Commission conducted a public hearing in September to get feedback on the 2030 And Beyond report prior to submitting it to the county board for adoption. Read the complete draft 2030 And Beyond report.

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