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Fitting the ‘Bill’

My son, Nick, is a huge part of my inspiration in my work as a medial billing specialist.
Michelle Riportella’s son, Nick, is a huge inspiration in her work as a mental health billing specialist.

Helping mental health doctors get back to their patients. 

My personal and professional journeys made Billing Specialist Services a reality in 2010. After many years of working as an office manager in doctors’ offices, I saw a trend. The doctors were being consumed with billing headaches, losing money and left with little time and energy to focus on patient care, which should be their No. 1 priority.

From a personal standpoint, I was balancing an important care-taking role of my own: Raising an autistic son who also had other mental health diagnoses, as well as two other children. The stars aligned. I wanted to take the billing burden off of doctors’ plates so they could be better doctors. I wanted to advocate for mental health. I wanted the flexibility to care for my children.

Six years later, Billing Specialist Services is a team of professional contractors with a passion for mental health advocacy fulfilling the billing needs of McHenry County-area practices that specialize in mental health.

Why Outsource Billing?

Why doctors should consider hiring a billing specialist is manyfold, but it can be narrowed down to three key points:

  • It’s all about cashflow. When billing is done efficiently and effectively, the doctor gets paid quicker and in a more timely manner. That’s Business 101.
  • It cuts down on errors. Medical billing regulations change constantly. Errors are common and they cost time and money. They are often headache to fix. Hiring a professional takes the risk of error out of the equation. Error-free billing systems save money.
  • It promotes positive patient relations. The patient experience is priceless, and when you can take out the headaches and time it takes to manage billing, you become a better healthcare provider. A patient that experiences billing hiccups might move onto a better provider and is less likely to refer the practice to others. When a professional is managing your billing, you have peace of mind that the claims part of your business is running smoothly (which equals happy patients).


My goal has always been to help others, and through Billing Specialist Services, I’m proud to be doing this in so many ways.


michelleMichelle Riportella, owner and president of Billing Specialist Services, is a mother of three children (and three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels), devoted wife and volunteers for a rescue organization. Reach her at



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