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Brunch is Served

Brunch Cafe has fun putting new life into a traditionally Sunday-only mealtime event.

This is no greasy spoon.

Gourmet benedicts, decadent waffles and savory crepes (as the menu describes them) are just some of the out-of-the-ordinary dishes you’ll find in this trendy, brunch-only establishment.

Open daily 7 a.m. till 3 p.m., the Brunch Café offers traditional and non-traditional cuisine to suit everyone’s breakfast tastes, owner Andy Zatos said.

“We just wanted to do an upscale breakfast spot,” said Zatos, who opened the restaurant last February with his brother Ted and brother-in-law Peter Revel. “We wanted upscale and trendy [food] yet we’ve got the traditional.”

Trendy comes in many flavors at this restaurant, like the blueberry bliss pancakes

—infused cakes layered with a creamy cheese filling and topped with plump berries and crème anglaise—or the portobenny—fresh asparagus, goat cheese and hollandaise sauce served on portobello mushroom caps.

“Our benedicts are incredible,” Zatos said. “The banana bread French toast really moves too. It’s fresh and delicious.”

Each dish is made from scratch using all fresh ingredients. And, presenting meals to the customers is part of the dining experience.

“The plates are dressed,” Zatos said. “We drizzle sauces on them. There’s a lot of presentation—a lot of eye candy.”

Or, he said, “You can come in and get your eggs and bacon.”

A limited lunch menu is also available, with items such as the Mediterranean tuna melt, steak-and-cheddar wrap and black-and-blue burger made with Cajun spices and blue cheese. A variety of luncheon salads and daily soup specials are also available.

Whatever their order, customers love going out for breakfast, said Zatos.

“It’s a fun part of the day—a more affordable part of the day [to go out to eat],” he said as he greeted a regular customer with a friendly wave and, “how are you?”

Regulars and first-time customers who happen by the restaurant on their drive down Route 22 in Fox River Grove have kept Brunch Café hopping since its doors opened.

“Here, it’s a quick turn around,” Zatos said of the time it takes his customers to finish their meal. “People are more on the go during the day. There’s always new faces coming in.”

Made From Scratch

The owners designed every inch of the Brunch Café to ensure each detail met what they had envisioned. Even their wives had a say in the restaurant’s décor.

“They wouldn’t leave that up to us,” Zatos joked.

After 11 years of running Kojak’s in Cary, the owners know how to build a successful venture.

“It took a lot of time to plan,” said Revel of the restaurant located just past the intersection of routes 22 and 14.

With every item made from scratch, employees start at 5 a.m. scrambling to make sure the doors are ready to open by 7 a.m. The 20 employees include one chef, three cooks and plenty of help from high school and college students.

“They like these hours,” Revel said, adding the restaurant closes at 3 p.m. daily. “By the time they get off of work, they’ve got the rest of the day.”

But, when the doors close for the day, the owners keep busy. To be successful, you have to reach out to the community. Sponsoring local sports teams is just part of owning a business, Revel said.

“The best part of the teams is they all come in [to eat],” Revel said. “We’ve had a lot of support from the communities.”

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