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Stamping Out Hunger

People donate more than 70,000 pounds of food (60,000 meals) during Community Harvest.

Crystal Lake Food Pantry volunteers, donors ensure sure no one goes hungry.

I want to share with you what supporting Community Harvest and Crystal Lake Food Pantry means and the impact your contribution has on our neighbors who go hungry.

In 1982, the Crystal Lake Food Pantry was founded with the simple mission of providing food to those in our community who were in need. Canned goods were collected on Sundays at local churches and handed out to an average of 15 families in Crystal Lake each month. While our mission is still the same, the need has grown in our community over the years and now we serve more than 500 families up to twice each month.

In 2016, we moved into our new facility at 42 East St. near Crystal Lake Avenue and Main Street.  Our new building is a testament to how we have needed to grow to meet the ever-increasing needs of our neighbors who go hungry. The only way we have been remotely successful at meeting the need around us is with your help and support. Together through volunteering, donating food, raising funds and creating awareness of the hunger around us, we can continue to make sure no one should go hungry.

At the Crystal Lake Food Pantry our job is to serve those in need in our community. Many of the families that come in for food assistance are our neighbors, co-workers, and even friends. In the past year we have welcomed and provided food to more than 500 new families who found themselves in need of food assistance for their household. We are very much aware that 2/3rds of those around us are only one month away of needing food assistance from a food pantry. Unexpected things happen in life and difficult choices need to be made; like whether to pay the rent or buy food, sometimes whether to pay a medical bill or buy food, or even paying a utility bill or buying food. Being keenly aware of the situation around us, we are almost entirely run by volunteers which helps us maximize the use of monetary donations. In fact, 99.5 cents of every donated dollar is being used to help those in need. Our frugality translates into our compassion and desire to help.

Last year our generous community donated more than 73,000 pounds of food at Community Harvest which is equal to just over 60,000 meals for families in Crystal Lake who would have gone hungry. While this is a staggering number, the reality is that the food collected at Community Harvest is completely distributed by August of the following year, providing food for our neighbors for only 9 months. This is why we set higher goals each year, in the hopes that we will collect an entire year of food to help our neighbors.

By donating food or money to the Crystal Lake Food Pantry, you are directly helping to provide that safety net for those neighbors in our community who are hungry. You are also helping to ensure that if ever you find you need food assistance for your family, that we will be here for you, too.

Thank you for volunteering, thank you for donating and we hope you will help us reach our goal of 85,000 pounds of donated food and $50,000 in funds raised this year.


Crystal Lake Food Pantry
42 East Street, Crystal Lake, IL, United States
Community Harvest
6250 Northwest Hwy, Crystal Lake, IL, United States

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