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Pup Meet and Greet

Come join us and meet The Patrol Pups!! The events will feature Mascot type costumes. Each child will get a pre signed paw print autographed group picture to take home (The pups do not actually autgraph anything at the event) as well as the opportunity to do a dog house craft.

How the event works is we let the children go up and meet and take pictures with the characters individually. Then once everyone is done with that, we let each family go up one at a time and take a picture with the Pups in a group photo. If there is time left at the end, the pups walk around,mingle and interact with the children.

The event will offer FIVE time slots

During each time slot we will have space for 40 kids. Child tickets are $20 and adult tickets are $5. Children under 12 months are free WITH the purchase of a ticket of an older child, but due to capacity limits we are only allowing one free under 12 month admission per family.

Tickets will be sold via, find more info here.
And will go on sale September 29th at 8am

Time slots will be 1 hour long

Slot 1 – 930a to 1030a

Slot 2 – 11a to 12p

Slot 3 – 1p to 2p

Slot 4 – 230p to 330p

Slot 5 – 415p- 515p

Spots will fill fast. Make sure you “like” Hearrt Events to stay up to date with all our other upcoming events!!!

BRING CASH!!! We have LOTS of items for purchase and raffles!!
(We do also take debit/credit cards)

(Event/Costumes do not claim to be affliated with any higher licensing)


Saturday, January 20 from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm




Mixin Mingle McHenry, North Green Street, McHenry, IL, United States

Pup Meet and Greet
Mixin Mingle McHenry, North Green Street, McHenry, IL, United States

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