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10 Fall Yard Tips

The experts of Countryside Flower Shop shares the top 10 things you should be doing now in the yard …

  1. Fall is a great time to plant trees, shrubs, evergreens and perennials. The soil is warm and the air is cool reducing the risk of transplant shock, but be sure to water thoroughly until the ground freezes. Use Plant Starter with all of your plantings to encourage root growth.
  2. Plant fall bulbs now for spring flowers. Tulips, daffodils and all spring blooming bulbs need to be planted now, in the fall, so they can have a cold, dormant time to rest. Come spring you will enjoy bright beautiful flowers! Use Bulb Booster when planting your fall bulbs so they have a food source when they start to grow in spring.
  3. Give your mums a “hair cut” by trimming off the spent flowers but not the leaves or stems. Rake fallen leaves from the trees around the mums to protect them for winter.
  4. Leave healthy perennial grasses stand for added winter interest and as a shelter for birds and beneficial insects.
  5. Clean and put your pruners away until Spring! Do not prune your rose bushes until spring! Now is the time to put your Rose Collars (not cones) on and fill with topsoil!
  6. Apply a fresh layer of mulch to your perennial gardens to prevent the roots from heaving in the winter.
  7. Harvest carrots and brussel sprouts as you are ready to eat them. They become sweeter after frost!
  8. Mow the fallen leaves to shred them and leave them on the lawn. As long as you can see the grass through the leaf pieces the lawn will be fine. The shredded leaves will break down adding organic matter and nutrients to the soil below.
  9. If you want your Christmas Cactus to bloom and your Poinsettias to turn color, keep them in bright light for 10 hours a day and 14 hours of uninterrupted darkness from September 15 to Thanksgiving!
  10. Prepare your evergreens for winter. Prevent winter burn by spraying with Wilt Pruf and wrapping with burlap.


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