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Start Resolutions Now

Check out these 10 easy ways to jump-start your health resolutions.

With all of our hustling and bustling to gather the gifts, prepare the food and celebrate with the ones we love, it hardly seems like the time to think about next year, much less resolutions. Ah, but truth is, many of us have already been pondering how next year is going to be different – how a fresh approach to health is going to take priority. And how we’re once and for all going to eat more fruits and vegetables, move our bodies and get back into that old favorite pair of jeans!

What if, right in the middle of this magical season, you could set the scene for next year’s wellness routine? What if just a few easy-to-make choices today hold the power to nudge us toward good health in the new year?

Mindful living experts tell us that real change only happens now, in the current moment. Changing our future orientation of “I’ll be happy when …” thoughts and the old stories we play over and over of “been there, tried that” is the best thing we can do for cultivating a healthy approach to change.

Focusing on what we can do today ultimately creates the successes that are so important for us to feel. Yes, feel! Apparently, making a positive connection with something that feels good, like the energy boost after a brisk walk, fuels more of the same. It’s all about the successes, and every healthy choice we make this holiday season counts as a success.

Maybe we really don’t need resolutions at all. Perhaps the best gift we can give ourselves is stepping into the new year fueled by the momentum of a season of successes. So without further ado, consider these 10 ideas for getting started, not on January 1, but today:

  1. Veg Out: Add an extra serving of vegetables to every day – they’re loaded with fill-you-up fiber.
  2. See Orange: Eat a daily dose of something orange – sweet potatoes, butternut squash and carrots contain immune-boosting vitamin A.
  3. Pucker Up: Add seasonal citrus to your week – Clementine Cuties, Texas Ruby Reds, navel and Cara Cara oranges add vitamin C and a bright flavor to holiday salads and snacks.
  4. Take 10: Just 10 minutes of meditation, guided imagery or a few yoga moves will breathe new energy into your day and support mindful living.
  5. Roast Chestnuts: They’re loaded with stress-busting B vitamins, trace minerals and fiber. Five chestnuts contain only 120 calories.
  6. Aim for Eight: Turn off the TV an hour earlier and head up to bed for immune-enhancing rest – eight hours to be exact. Bonus: studies indicate adequate sleep helps keep appetite in check.
  7. Take a Holiday Hike: Bundle up and go for a walk with family and friends after dinner. Take a vote on the most creative house decorations in your neighborhood. Setting aside time to be active keeps you consciously connected to your body and the feel-good boost of moving.
  8. Quench Your Thirst: It’s easy to confuse hunger for thirst and dehydration can zap energy fast. Shoot for eight, 8-ounce glasses of water daily.
  9. Go Nuts: They’re loaded with healthy fats, fibers, antioxidants and protein for stay power (one-fourth cup will do). Plus, nuts are a great pre-holiday party snack.
  10. Be Inspired: Let the festive lights, music and snow engage your senses. Activities like sledding, strolling downtown and cross-country skiing create joyful moments.

kramerHeidi Kramer is a nutrition specialist and inspirational speaker who has inspired thousands to lose weight, change bad eating habits and become champions of their own health for more than 20 years. Kramer is available at Cary Physical Therapy for individual counseling and group programs. Reach her at  847.516.9038. 

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