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Organizing a Golf Getaway

A successful golf outing is all about planning ahead and using resources available to you.

Planning the perfect golf getaway.

There are three important holidays for golfers: Watching the four majors all year round, receiving gifts during special occasions and playing in general. The third item is probably the most valued, as not everyone is good enough to compete, or gets the chance for a much-needed golf outing.

These getaways act as a timely interval to hectic work schedules and responsibilities. But to make it a reality, it all comes down to good planning.

Figure out the Budget

The beginning stage of golf outings might seem overwhelming at first, as the majority of courses ask for a substantial initial deposit for reservations. In addition, there will also be a lot of other financial obligations and considerations along the way. However, the key to all of this is to figure out and set a budget, and then learn how to adjust accordingly.

Invite Sponsors

Part of picking the right golf course is attracting valuable sponsorships that will help in the financial side of things. If done properly, sponsors, in general, make all the difference in the world, as they can provide gifts, donations, and other important giveaways. Golf Digest contributor Topher Levin writes helpful ways on how to win partners and sponsors.

Even if you’re going on a small golf getaway involving the company that employs you, for instance, can provide valuable financial aid.

Determine Participants’ Skill Level

For the sake of fair play, it’s vital to categorize players in such a way that they play with people of a similar ability. This way it will make things more competitive between players who can push each other, and ultimately make the rounds more interesting.

Incorporate Side Events

Aside from food and drink, side events such as golf lessons can be a way to promote the sport and the cause. As stated by Play Your Course, there is a plethora of PGA-certified golf professionals in Illinois who can work with all skill levels. They can encourage newbies to take up golf, and even advise some of the participants a thing or two when it comes to tournament play. There are plenty of ways to include side events, so it’s up to the golf getaway organizers to determine which one will suit better.

Consider a Post-Event Plan

Many clubhouses across Illinois have function rooms. If the cost is reasonable and there’s more than enough budget, you can have an after-tournament event. It’s like a getaway within a golf getaway. In addition, this is a great way for players to build their network and share experiences with each other.

Another option is to rent out a nearby bar or bistro, as this is usually the less expensive choice. Just make sure to provide detailed information on the time and the location of the after-party, take care of all the logistics.

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