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Keep the Wreaths Red

Red wreaths lit at area fire stations raise awareness about fire safety around the holidays.

Fresh-cut Christmas trees. Colorful lights. Flickering candles. A crackling fire on the hearth. Space heaters on those particularly frigid nights. These are the makings of an cozy and festive holiday home, but they also pose potential fire hazards. No wonder McHenry County fire protection districts are on heightened alert this time of year.

You might have noticed your local fire house has a wreath with red lights. With the mission to “keep the wreath red,” these wreaths stay lit as long as there are no fire-related incidents within a municipal’s fire district or community.

Fire prevention is a year-round commitment, although making that little extra effort during the holiday season will keep the wreaths lit with the red lights. The following is a helpful guide to avoiding winter holiday fires:


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