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Stage to Sell Your Home

stage to sell
Stage to sell with upgraded fixtures, fresh paint, new carpet and updated flooring.

Learn how to sell your house quickly with “on-trend” updates.

Selling your house? Remember: You’re not just selling a house, you’re selling a dream. What can the potential buyer expect if they purchase your house? Months of work ahead of them with renovations, carpets to be cleaned, wallpaper to be removed, rooms to be painted, and hardware and lighting fixtures to be replaced? Or, the home of their dreams: Move-in ready, with upgraded fixtures and brushed-nickel hardware, fresh paint throughout, new carpet and updated flooring?

As a seller, the latter should be your goal. Updating a house before listing it is one of the most important things a homeowner can do to maximize their profit and help minimize their time on the market. As the housing market heats up, so does the competition, so this step is more important than ever. Having the best showing house in the neighborhood is essential to helping get the price you want within a reasonable listing timeframe. On the other hand, being the fixer-upper will leave the you wondering where all the buyers are.

Where to Start?

Following your heart might work in some of life’s decisions, but avoid it when staging a home to sell. Decorating with one’s own taste instead of what is on trend is one of the biggest mistakes a seller can make. True, you might love your red accent wall, and you might not mind your shiny brass fixtures and your golden oak cabinetry, but they’ve been out of style for some time. Old trends date a home and turn off potential buyers.

Buyers will expect what they see in the magazines and model homes like oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel; and dark woods. So instead, show buyers that you’ve kept the house with the times by investing in today’s looks.

Be the Best on the Block

A smart seller will research what buyers today are looking for – what their needs are. Then, they’ll assess if those items are in their home: Is my furniture placed in a way so buyers can see the best way to utilize each room? Have I made the space welcoming and inviting to everyone, not a reflection of the family that lives here? Have I made these decisions considering the appeal to the broadest range of buyers – not with my own personal taste and style?  And last, but not least, have I done all the above prior to letting my listing agent take photos?

All these steps to show your house as the best on the block must be done prior to going in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or on agent tour.

Judy Pelinski, owner of Crystal Lake-based Fresh Look Interiors, is among our region’s leading decorating and staging professionals with nearly 15 years’ experience in home decorating, design and staging services. Reach her at: 847.370.8268, and via Facebook. 

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