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Strawberry Ideas

Stade’s Farm & Market, McHenry. 📷 nay_haw

McHenry County celebrates the strawberry harvest every June and we’re lucky to have farms that offer u-pick berries, as well as farmers that bring the fruit to our summer farmers markets. The problem I always have when we go picking is there are more berries than I know what to do with. So I’m sharing some easy and delicious ways to use them up:

  1. Make a cheesecake … Chef Debi Stuckwisch of Johnsburg has a delicious recipe here.
  2. Preserve ’em … Amanda and our friends at Preservation School in Woodstock will teach you here.
  3. Dip ’em … Chocolate + strawberries are a match made in heaven. Here is the method. Feeling lazy? Riverside Chocolate Factory in McHenry is famous for fresh chocolate-covered strawberries if you ever have a craving and are too lazy to make them yourself. Watch the magic happen here.
  4. Cool off … Smoothies easy and refreshing! Find 10 strawberry smoothie recipes here.
  5. Go old school … Who doesn’t have fond childhood memories eating strawberry shortcake in the summer? Kick it up a notch by making your own whipped cream (the method is SUPER easy and it’s noticeably better than store-bought) and either bake fresh shortcake or buy from your neighborhood bakery or local farmers market.


Riverside Chocolate Factory
Riverside Chocolate Factory, Illinois 120, McHenry, IL, USA
Stade's Farm & Market
Stade's Farm and Market, Miller Road, McHenry, IL, USA
Konrad's Bakery
Konrad's Bakery, Ackman Road, Lake in the Hills, IL, USA

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