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Three Days to Recharge

A retreat coming to Lake Geneva takes a fresh approach to New Year’s resolutions.

Here we are, four weeks into a new year. If you’re like most people, you started 2016 with a list of resolutions.

“This year, I will … ”

“This year, I won’t … ”

“This year, maybe … ”

How’s it going?

You know what? Don’t answer that. Let’s never mind those resolutions. This year, let’s be different. Instead of resolutions, let’s try a new way of thinking, a new approach to life, a new way of being.

Let’s start living like every day is New Year’s Day. And let’s start now.

But how? How do we change the way we have been programmed to live?

This is where yoga and meditation can help.

Yoga teaches us to live life with more gratitude, appreciation and love:

  • Gratitude: For this experience of life.
  • Appreciation: For everything you have now.
  • Love: For yourself by taking care of you.

You need to realize that you come first. Taking care of yourself must be a priority – it can’t wait. Your need to start now.

Changing your attitude toward life and how you meet everyday challenges can add a sparkle of magic to your existence. Love yourself by taking care of the body you have been given. Accept yourself as you are and know that you are here to have an experience that no one else can, and remember to enjoy the ride, no matter how bumpy.

Three Days to Recharge

The time is now and the place is wherever you are, of course. But if you’re a planner and want to clear out a weekend to really dive into self care, there is a Luxury Winter Yoga Retreat February 12-14 at Heartland Spa & Fitness Resort in Lake Geneva (fewer than 50 miles from McHenry County). It’s no coincidence it’s Valentines Day weekend and the theme is Self-Love, Self-Care and Self-Discovery.

So why dedicate a whole weekend to learning about and practicing self-care?

When we retreat, we go in. We go into that quiet place – free from distractions – where all the answers are stored. We remember the feeling of joy. We remember why we are here. We put life back into perspective and begin to reflect on what is really important. We do that by leaving our stressed out realities behind and remembering what is important in life.

You might wonder what exactly to expect.

First, remember you’ll be gathering with people looking to experience the same things as you. You will make new friends, you will chant, dance, practice yoga, eat healthy food and enjoy great conversations.

You will learn practices that you can take with you to support you on your journey well beyond the three days.

The following are a few highlights:

  • “Breathwalk” – Weather permitting, we will go outside and practice a breathwalk around the lake for an invigorating meditative walking practice in the fresh, crisp winter air.
  • Gong – You will have time to experience numerous gong relaxations through the weekend. Read more about gong here.
  • Live Music  – We’ll celebrate with the band Orchid Groove and unleash 1,000-year-old, spirit-lifting mantras.
  • Massage – Release old tensions so you can leave renewed in both body and mind.
  • Journaling, Contemplation and Drawing Mandalas (spiritual symbols).
  • Kundalini Yoga – This is an ancient yoga practice brought it to the west in the 1060s. Never done yoga? No problem. Not flexible? No worries. Kundalini Yoga leads you home to you – with song, and breath and movement. It must be experienced to be understood. Anyone can participate.
  • … And Other Magical Experiences – This is a chance to leave the grind behind for a few days, go inward and reconnect with your life’s true meaning. A time to awaken to the joys within. It is like turning on your own light bulb that might have dimmed from being overloaded and under-cared for. You will leave the retreat with it shiny and glowing again.


better workLisa Gniady (Manjeet Kaur), New York native and Lakewood resident, switched gears from the bustle of Wall Street 15 years ago to teach yoga in the Chicago area, including through the Crystal Lake Park District. Her company, YogaGong4Life, offers regular classes and retreats. Reach her at 847.867.8630, and via Facebook.


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